Stair Nosing for $5/ft

Hardwood  -  Laminate  -  Engineered

Now serving Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland


What's included?


Modern Design

Square nosings are the most modern and stylish design for your home or project.

Professional Finish

All our nosings finished to the highest possible quality. Nosing edges are rounded-over and sanded to complete the look.  We then custom color match stain to match your material, and seal it for a durable, long-lasting finish.

Carpenter's Workshop
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Quick Turnaround

You're on a schedule, that's why we complete your nosings within 5 days.


Our Secret

Lots of people ask us, how can you make stair nosings so cheap? The answer is that at we have a team of engineers who have dedicated countless hours to applying the latest in advanced automation technology to the manufacture of stair nosings. We've been able to make the manufacturing of stair nosings a completely hands-off process, we can literally make nosings in our sleep!

All that means that we can deliver stair nosings that are consistently high quality for lower price than our competitors.

Engineering Class

About Us is a ShapeMeasure company. At ShapeMeasure we're using advanced technology to measure & cut stair treads and risers that fit perfectly.


Our FAQs

Do your products come with a quality guarantee?

Absolutely! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you're not happy with your nosing, just return them to us and we'll refund you.

What are my payment options?

We take cash or cheque.

What types of materials do you work with?

We can build nosings out of Hardwood, Engineered Wood, and Laminate flooring.

Can you work with vinyl?

Not yet - coming soon!

I need someone to measure & cut my stairs!

We provide measure & cut services through our parent company: ShapeMeasure. Find out more here!


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